Saturday, December 21, 2013

Sadie Jane!

 Our daughter, Sadie Jane, was born yesterday!  5:50am, 6lbs 12oz, head full of black hair.  She's great!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Friday, December 13, 2013

Baby Due in Six Days!

Laura here.

Baby Girl is due in six days. Nesting is taking the form of more or less keeping the house picked up and the laundry done, which takes almost constant effort when you have a toddler who is wild and still wearing cloth diapers (although partly potty trained, praise God!).

As of yesterday the baby's bed and car seat are all ready to go, the diaper bag is packed and my list is made of what to pack for the hospital, what to pack for Henry for Grandma's and what Neal is responsible for bringing to the hospital.

All the Christmas presents have been sent, delivered or wrapped and displayed where Henry can't reach them until it's time to give them.

At the end of my last pregnancy I made a bunch of meals and froze them, but I found out I don't really like thawed casseroles that much. I did make muffins and cookies to freeze this time, though. Those are always good... Right now I am pressure canning beans and meat (separately) to hopefully have easy, healthy and homemade stuff on hand that isn't frozen after Baby's arrival.

If you think of it, please pray that we avoid another c-section. All I want for Christmas is a healthy baby (and a VBAC is a close second).

Stay tuned!!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Trip to See Family

(we couldn't do without the puppy and Fred)

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Gutting the House

One year ago.

9 months ago.

A couple weeks ago.

If you were to see it now, this space in our future house is different again.  I've gutted all the walls in this side of the house, and much of the old insulation is cleaned out. 

I'm making progress now!  The space you're looking at is our future kitchen.  We began by tearing out the wall between there and what will be our dining room, which really opened up the space.  Also, the old block chimney is gone, too.  My plan is to gut the whole house and make it so we can put in new wiring/insulation/plumbing/windows very easily.  

Last month I got a dumpster brought here.  I tried burning the old insulation, but it had obviously been sprayed with a fire retardant... plus I wasn't too thrilled with burning a lot of that crap anyway.  So we're paying for dumpster service.  It seems kind of like a waste of money, but what do you do?!  We've already got one room upstairs gutted, and now half the downstairs is too.  So if I keep up this pace, most of the house should be opened up by April.  And that's giving me some wiggle room.  

In other words:  if Laura's delivery goes cheaply (not a c-section), we're going to be living in this house quite soon!  A year?  But this depends on a number of things... mostly money related!  

So what else is new in our life?  The heifers we grazed this year are back at my parent's farm,  Henry is speaking a LOT, our house takes a matter of minutes to look like a disaster after being pretty clean, we're going to Illinois next weekend to visit some of Laura's relatives, the corn is nearly done being harvested, and oh yeah:

Laura is nearly finished with her long-term subbing for someone's maternity leave!  She's been teaching preschool in a nearby elementary school for the last 5 weeks, and has only one more to go!  It's been a great thing income-wise, but I certainly feel for you folks where both parents are working full time.  It's a push to get everything done!  Laundry especially.  When our second child is born next month, Laura's going to be finished working outside the home completely.  We're both thrilled to have her home full time again soon and for good.  Stay-at-home mom's are awesome. 

I'll get more pictures of house progress up soon.